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Pidgin is a language, just as English is a language! Pidgin is a simplified form of speech that is usually a mixture of two or more languages, has a rudimentary grammar and vocabulary, is used for communication between groups speaking different languages, and is not spoken as a first or native language. Also called contact language. Here in Maui, Hawaii many people speak in Pidgin terminology and we all enjoy the clever adaptations of words, so we design and manufacture creative pidgin novelty items.

So don't consider Pidgin "broken English" since it is the Hawaiian language that forms the structure of Pidgin, as well as providing many of the colorful and descriptive words. It is also a mistake to assume that anyone speaking Pidgin is uneducated. Hawaii's Governor speaks Pidgin sometimes, as do most people who grew up in the islands. It's more appropriate to consider anyone speaking Pidgin as bilingual, for it is increasingly recognized as a language in its own right, one with a very rich and interesting history.

As with other mixed languages, Hawaiian Pidgin originally developed as a means for people who spoke different languages to learn to communicate with each other in order to do business. The first were European and American merchants who traded iron tools, cloth and other items for supplies of fresh food and water. Subsequently, contract workers were brought to the islands from China, Japan, the Philippines and other places, to work on the sugar plantations. Words and phrases from each of these languages worked their way into the language that all understood, the pidgin that has evolved into Hawaii's unofficial language.

All of Our Pidgin Products Are Designed and Made on Maui! 


"Da Date - Da Time - Fo Who - Wen Call"

"Stuffs Fo Do" and "Stuffs Fo Buy"


"Eh Tanks"  "Much Mahalos"

"Eh Howzit" and Happy Da Kine Day"

"If you no like um, gimme back"
"Eh no peeking ah. "
"So wea mine stay?"
"No try shake um, going broke"

"No talk til you try walk in da other guy's slippas"

"If not one ting it's one oddah"

"Politicians are like huli huli chicken, they keep turning so they no bet burned."

"The early boy gets the poi"

"Guests are like fish, after a few days they start to smell"

"Too much kau kau going make you look like one lau lau"

"No go too fast, try stop and smell the limu"

"Eh, nuff all ready"

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